How to Win an Auctioneer Contest: Part 2 - Why Contests are Important

In part 2 of our mini series we focus on how to win an auctioneer contest, Andy and Peter for on why exactly auctioneer contests are so important. With tips for you next competition as well as your business, there is something for everyone.

Why are contests important

  1. Defines an industry standard
  2. Highlight the best of the best
  3. Networking
  4. A form of marketing

How to get the most out of competing

  1. Build your network during a contest
    1. Bring business cards
    2. Shake hands/introduce yourself
  2. Marketing yourself
    1. Share your skills with others
    2. Tell your local market that you competed
  3. Study the contest

Business tips that can be learned from contests

  1. Engaging your ideal clients before you NEED their business
  2. As an auctioneer/sales person you are always being judged (in the spotlight)
    1. You are always in the spotlight
    2. Who you are = Your brand
  3. Be a student of your specialty

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