How to Win an Auctioneer Contest: Part 3 - How Auctioneer Contests Work

In part 3 of our mini series we focus on How to Win an Auctioneer Contest, Andy and Peter focus on the inner workings of auctioneer contests. With tips for you next competition as well as your business, there is something for everyone.

Knowing the Contest

  1. What is Expected of the Champion?
  2. Knowing the elements of the contest?
    1. Start Time?
    2. Preliminary?
    3. Interview?
    4. Finals?
  3. What is the Hosting Organization looking for in a Champion?


Competition Tips

  1. Know and reach out to Past Champions
  2. Deadlines, Rules, Interviews add Calendar Reminders
  3. Control what You Can, Dress, Items, etc.

Business Tips

  1. Understanding the Rules/Laws Regarding Your Specialties
  2. Value of Professional Associations
  3. Surrounding Yourself with Successful Leaders and Experts
    1. You are the Average of Your Five Closest Friends
    2. You are Not an Island