How to Win an Auctioneer Contest: Part 7 - Winning the Interview


In part 7 of our mini series we focus on How to Win an Auctioneer Contest, Andy Imholte and Peter Gehres breakdown the challenging interview portion of auctioneer contests. With tips for you next competition as well as your business, there is something for everyone.

Why is the Interview Important?

  1. An interview is the height of extemporaneous and impromptu public speaking and is a skill be be practiced like any other aspect of the contest.

  2. Have your talking points. Have them written down and practice them.

  3. The skill set reveals the difference between and auctioneer and a pure bid caller.

Competition Tips

  1. Develop extemporaneous skill set

    1. Listen to the questions

    2. Pause before answering completely

  2. Practice with other competitors or in a Toastmaster type setting

  3. Content: Pay attention to trends and topics of the industry and events

Business Tips

  1. Engage in active listening in your business.

  2. Practice with other business leaders in a Toastmaster type setting.

  3. Recognize and explore trends.

    1. Facebook ads are huge right now because of the insights they provide. Being aware is only the first step, actually implement and test to make yourself better.

Check out Peter's championship interview:

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