How to Win an Auctioneer Contest: Part 9 - #Winning

In part 9 of our mini series we focus on How to Win an Auctioneer Contest, Andy Imholte and Peter Gehres breakdown winning an auctioneer contest, and how to be prepared for that eventuality. With tips for you next competition as well as your business, there is something for everyone.

Know How to Win

  1. Think about you speech
  2. Think about promotion
  3. Have your story developed
    1. Have your message ready
  4. Be generous

Competition Tips

  1. Write your acceptance speech
    1. Build the “right” mindset
  2. Have a promotion plan in place and start executing on that plan even if you don’t win
  3. Give and give often
    1. Time and money
    2. Advice and council

Business Tips

  1. Learn how to accept praise, success should not surprise you
  2. Promote your wins
    1. Get your name out there with press releases when you accomplish great work in your business
  3. Invest in your industry and your community
    1. Auctioneers are very visual profession, you should also be seen giving back

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