ep4: Nobody likes a direct message from someone they don't know. That would be creepy.

Your hosts Andy Imholte and John Schultz discuss a dinner date with Betty White, get into a Qinq Dynasty discussion, and further explore Andy's secret Lego life. In the main topic, they discuss auction TV shows Storage Wars, Auction Hunters, Auction Kings and the grand daddy of 'em all Barrett Jackson. For show notes visit fasttalkingpodcast.com

Auctions in the News

Betty White dinner date auction opportunity.

Qing Dynasty vase sells for $3M at auction

Lego Minecraft… you can still get 'em on Amazon for three times retail and eBay for two times retail.

Lego Cuusoo voting site.

Auction TV Shows

Storage Wars

Auction Hunters

Auction Kings

Barret Jackson