70: Engaging Millennials: Darron Meares

A challenge business owners often find is engaging people from different generations. This is not a new phenomenon, but with the speed of technology it seems to be happening faster than ever before. Blending your business with many generations may be challenging, but can be very advantageous. In this episode I welcome Darron Meares, auctioneer and COO of Meares Auction Group, to share his insights generational difference, and advantages.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Define generations including the bridge between generation X and millennials
  2. The differences between generations in your office
  3. How working remotely can be extremely productive
  4. How engaging Millennials in their skill set can allow you to work IN your business instead of just ON your business

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Darron's Book Recommendations:
Sticking Point by Haydn Shaw
Upstarts! by Donna Fenn

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